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As many of you know, I've been playing a lot of Scrabulous. Some days I'm really good at it, some days, I'm horrendous. But even on those days, I know what words are real words and what words aren't!

When I play Scrabulous, I always pick the TWL dictionary. It's the official United States Scrabble dictionary. Canada uses it too, but they do a lot of things like us. SOWPODS is the one international players use. But since the default is the TWL dictionary, I never bothered to change it.

I usually set the game for non-challenge mode because what's the point of a challenge game when it's a) at your own pace and b) over the internet? So the game just won't let accept words that aren't in the dictionary. I've accepted the fact that it didn't take Zen as I'd tried to make it once. But the other day, I tried to make Chinese, and the dictionary totally didn't accept that! So I wondered if any of the other nationalities weren't' accepted either. I tried English and French, both of which were acceptable words. So I tried Japanese and Korean. No deal! It wouldn't take Spanish either, but it would take German.

Who comes up with these rules?

It's just too bizarre. Do you know the answer?

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Work has been exhausting the last few days. Since I returned from my brother's wedding, it's been non-stop 18 hour days while I finish up projects. And finally, I have a chance to breath a little bit, catch up on my email, blogs, and, of course, Scrabulous.

Doug says that playing Scrabulous with me is like a knife fight. It's close in and vicous with nowhere to move. Which is true. Because when I played a game with Karen Meisner, this is how our game started:

She then, of course, proceded to kick my ass.

But what fun is a game if you aren't challenged when you play. When you continuously trounce the competition and aren't even trying? When you know that you will win every single game? Luckily for me, most of my Scrabulous buddies kick ass and I don't feel sorry for them. I learn new words every day. Or maybe every other.

In any case, it is late and I am going to bed. Have a good night everyone!

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Oh yeah, I did it. Uhuh, I made REQUIRED in Scrabulous and it was worth 118 points. Uhuh, that's me.

I might as well quit playing because it'll be the last time that I'll make anything nearly that high in point value.

But I'll do the Scrabulous dance while I still can.

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