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For Thanksgiving, Chris and I went up to DC to visit Triple J. Mr. J’s cousin always has a huge feast, and so we were invited to come along. And boy, was it a feast. There were two turkeys, three kinds of stuffing (corn, sausage and something else, all delicious), mashed potatoes, gravy, this egg and spinach thing, fruit salad, a whole lot more. There were easily thirty people there and there were still leftovers. I was stuffed. Actually, I was overly stuffed. I shouldn’t have gotten up for seconds, but it was just so damned good.

We had brought chocolate cake to the party. Triple J had brought two types of ice cream (vanilla and peppermint. Mr. J thought it would be festive. I don’t think anybody ate it!) So right after eating too much, Mr. J goes off and gets chocolate cake and ice cream. Everybody was planning to wait just a little bit before eating dessert. I mean, I wasn’t the only one who went back for seconds. But the moment that people saw Mr. J bring out his plate of dessert, everybody wanted dessert, swollen stomachs be damned!

Besides the chocolate cake and ice cream, there was blueberry pie and strawberry pie. I think there was one more pie, but you know, I was in an overstuffed food fugue and I don’t remember much after that.

Any Thanksgiving dinner after that would just pale in comparison. And I totally don’t know what I’ll do next year. Maybe I should learn how to cook better!

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So Second Thanksgiving went well. We spent the morning cleaning some more and running errands.  We picked up a total of a dozen cupcakes this week and I think we’ve officially met our quota for the week for that store.  But it’s good to steam clean the carpet every once in a while, even if it’s just a spot clean for all those little spots that miraculously appear.  Nobody remembers spilling anything there!  And it’s just Chris and myself.  So it must be the Stain Fairy.   She comes all stealthy in the night and puts them in your carpet.

The turkey we got from Publix was yummy as well as the mashed potatoes and stuffing that came with it.  I like the cranberry sauce the best.  It’s not the canned jelly stuff.  You can actually see the cranberries in the sauce.  And cranberries are good for you.

I made a second pitcher of sangria that went over really well (both at E & K’s and at home.)  The recipe is here.  I skipped putting in sugar and the maraschino cherries.  The frozen lemonade already has a lot of sugars in it already.  Instead of carbonated soda, I used Sprite instead and that has more sugar as well.  But it was yummy in any case and it’s easy to get drunk quickly with it.

After dinner was Rock Band 2, Granny style.  We managed to find the ‘No Fail’ mode, which helped the family play  alot better.  It’s a much better way to play without having to worry about failing everyone in the group.  Bad singing or horrible button mashing, the game is a lot more fun when you are allowed to do horribly.  Surprisingly, they played the rest of the evening before heading home.

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Well, the family has gone home. Chris and I had originally planned to go see Hitman today, but I was just too tired. We're sitting at home relaxing now. I'm typing this journal entry and Chris is playing "Mass Effect", a game I bought him for his bday.

The turkey yesterday was fine, but I had mistimed things and so the corn came out cold. We bought a full meal, pre-cooked turkey breast(we don't eat the dark meat, so why bother buying the whole turkey?), mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce from Publix (pronounces puh-blicks, not Pew-blicks like Allaman likes to say it). So all I had to do was warm it up. Unfortunately, the directions for the turkey said 10 minutes, but I think what it meant was 10 minutes per pound, which meant that the turkey was mostly cold when I took it out of the oven. Thankfully, all I had to do was slice it up and nuke it. It didn't taste too bad. I could have stressed over it, but I didn't. Seriously, I'm not a five star chef and everyone knows it. I can cook, but it's not going to be some grand meal. People know this when they come over.

But the house is clean and all the five million dishes have been washed. I can't believe how many dishes we go through for a meal. I mean, there were only five of us, but we used up all the knives and spoons as well as all the dinner plates. And I have a set for twelve. How does that work?!

I hope the rest of you had a good thanksgiving. And I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The family is still here and they'll stay until tomorrow. It's been a long day and I know this really isn't a full entry, but I need to go to bed. I'll have more of an update tomorrow!

Hope ya'll had a great one!

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Nov. 19th, 2007 07:15 pm
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There's a restaurant here called Goodfellas that make the most garlicky garlic knots. I've just had some and I absolutely reek of garlic. My only comfort is that Chris had some too, so he doesn't notice. But when you can smell the garlic as you are breathing, you know you reek.

I am currently waiting at for Chris to get his hair cut. I was prepared in that I have my laptop so I could write, but I'd forgotten to charge it from the last time I'd taken it out. I only had 2 minutes on it before it turned off on me. So you guys are now getting a blog entry via my phone!

This week promises to be busy as all Thanksgivings are for this house. Chris's birthday is tomorrow, so I have to pick up the cake before dinner where we will meet friends at The Outback for dinner. chris likes the burgers there.

Thursday, Chris's family is coming sans the black sheep older sister. So Wednesday will be cleaning and more cleaning and we have to pick up the turkey before they close. Did I mention that I set up shop on the dining table? It's covered in my work stuff, so after work Wednesday I have to clear that off.

But after that, I shall be free to relax. Hopefully.

What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?

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