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Every once in a while, we will head out to Anna’s Polish Cafe. I love their pierogis and their red borscht. But Chris, what he really likes is the papal cake.

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It’s like his crack.

Whenever they have it in, we order one to eat, and then one to take home. And yeah, I did share two papal cakes with Chris today. How we aren’t shaped like Jabba, I’ll never know.

It’s a layered cake that’s made of puff pastry and egg creme and covered in sugar. I mean, who wouldn’t like a dessert like that?

The reason why it’s called papal cake is that it was made famous by Pope John Paul II. He had a great love of this childhood dessert. Before that it was called kremówka. So glad it’s been renamed because I can’t pronounce that.

What’s your favorite dessert?

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Several months ago, I went to Atlanta for work and I was able to eat at a very lovely southern restaurant called South City Kitchen. I went with a couple of coworkers and we decided to sit outside. The weather was actually quite pleasant. I enjoy sitting outside when I can. Most of the time, I don’t though because that’s usually the smoking section. Luckily, we were upwind, so that wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately, we were downwind of a large dumpster, so when the wind was just right, I smelled rotten food. I suggest sitting inside.

South City Kitchen is actually quite small, so you may want to make reservations. We went early and we sat outside. Which is probably how we managed to get a table.

Having said all that, I would highly recommend going if you’re going to be in midtown. I ordered the caesar salad to start. Instead of croutons, they used fried cheese grits, which I wasn’t so sure about. But since I don’t usually eat the croutons anyway (I find them too salty mist of the time) I figured I’d just pick them off if I didn’t like them. I tell you what though, they were soft, with a nice crunchy outer layer and it was just so silky and smooth. Omg. Give me a huge plate of that please!! Who knew grits could taste so delicious, but I suppose I’d you mix it with a high quality cheese and fry it, it’s bound to be good, right?

For the main course, I had the fried chicken. I love fried chicken. I don’t know why I love southern food so much. It’s not like I grew up in the south and it’s not like California has a lot of places serving southern food, and it’s not like my mom made it.

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So I ordered the fried chicken thinking it’ll be pretty decent, but omg, so good. It was nicely fried and crunchy on the outside and so moist on the inside. The mashed potatoes were also good and even though I usually find collared greens to be too bitter, it worked quite well. I cleaned the whole plate like a fatty. And I didn’t have any room for dessert sadly.

If you’re ever there, I suggest you go forth and eat!
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Remember a few months ago how I lamented that I wish I had tried that chocolate bacon bar we found in the L.A. Whole foods? Well, I found it at our local store and I decided to give it a go.

I’m not sure what I expected. I guess I was expecting it to be fantabulous because it’s got chocolate and bacon. Two very tasty things! And maybe I was expecting too much.

There was very little bacon or bacon flavor. I think I expected it to have a lot of bacon like Nestle’s Crunch bar has a lot of rice crispies. As it was, the bacon was a small smattering. And I really didn’t taste the bacon. I knew it was there because it was crunchy. Some bites were saltier than others. The chocolate itself is ok, a little bit waxier than I like.

I wouldn’t suggest buying it as it’s not all that exciting. I suspect people are like me and buy it for the novelty of it. I’ll finish eating it, but I won’t be buying it again.

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When we were in Laguna Beach, I had to work during the day, so The Hubs was left to his own devices (he was allowed to join me for dinner. I worked 14 hour days yo!). This meant that he had to find lunch for himself.

He managed to find a Ralph’s with a nice deli and on one of those days he decided that he wanted a sandwich. So he ordered that and returned back to the hotel which is right on the beach. We had a nice balcony and big sliding glass doors, so he thought it would be nice to sit on the balcony, watch the surfers and perhaps see some whales or dolphins.

And so when he returned to the room, he opened the sliding glass doors and discovered that the sandwich had mayonnaise on it and he dislikes mayonnaise with a passion. So he placed half the sandwich on the writing desk and took the other half to the bathroom to scrape off the mayonnaise.

When he returned, he saw, to his astonishment, a ginormous sea gull in our hotel room. It had flown into the room, landed on the desk and was studiously pecking the sandwich, meticulously pulling out the deli meat out of the bread which was in a plastic ziplog bag! The bag was barely open!

The Hubs shooed it away, looking sadly at the other half of the sandwich. Of course he couldn’t eat it at this point. I mean, who knows what that sea gull’s been pecking at. He disposed of it in the trash.

He also closed the sliding glass door and ate his sandwich inside. All the while, the sea gull was watching him, waiting for his chance at the second half of his sandwich!

What is it with birds wanting to get us?


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After our walk around Santa Barbara, Jenn suggested we eat at a place called Umami Burger. She’d heard great things about it and since The Hubs and I love burgers, we were all for it. We couldn’t actually find it at first. The closer we got to it, the more office space we saw. I even busted out the iPhone GPS unit and we were like, it’s supposed to be RIGHT HERE. OMG, there are no signs. The only thing we saw were these lip looking things on the window

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There was nothing saying Umami Burger anywhere! But luckily, there were people already standing around waiting for it to open. But because there was no name, I thought, OMG, what kind of place is this that they ONLY have this icon. Like they think they’re so awesome that they don’t need to pub their name anywhere. But you know, in an attempt to not judge things before I try it, I refrained from poopoo-ing it.

(As a total aside that is not connected to anything about my trip, there is a video called “Everybody Poops” that I found insanely funny. It’s a Bad Lip Reading song based on Black Eyed Peas’ Boom Boom Pow. Make sure you have earphones on if you’re not alone. It’s nothing bad, but they do say poop a lot.)

So Umami Burger in Santa Monica felt like it was uber trendy. You know I hate places like that because I always feel like the food is too expensive and not good at all. There was butcher paper on the tables with the log stamped on it and you know, I was just put off by the whole lips with no name thing.

I asked the waitress which burger she liked and she said she liked the truffle burger, so I ordered that. The Hubs ordered the SoCal Burger. Jenn ordered the veggie version, which she talks about on her blog. Chris East got (I think) the Port and Stilton burger. All their burgers are cooked to a medium rare, but they were a little bit more on the rare side. I asked for mine to be medium well and it turned out perfect. So make sure you do specify or it may come out a little bit more rare than you’d like.

We also ordered two different kinds of fries because we were fry monsters! We ordered the thin fries as well as the smushed fries. The smushed fries are these little round potatoes that they basically smash with the spatula and fry. They are very good. The skin is still on them. I would suggest this one if you want the fries. We also ordered umami ketchup and garlic aioli for the fries. They don’t have regular ketchup, but something they made on their own. It’s got a nice kick to it, so I suggest this one. The aoili didn’t have enough garlic for me.

As for the burgers, I’d skip the truffle burger as there wasn’t enough truffle flavor to be worth the extra $2. But the burger was good nonetheless. I enjoyed The Hubs’ burger though, so next time, if we get to go again, I would get his burger. It was nice and juicy without it dripping with grease and it was just yummy.

So this is a good lesson for me. Don’t exnay something just because it looks uber trendy because you might be surprised. The food might actually be good.

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After the Getty, Chris East took us on a scenic drive down Mullholland Drive, a street that allows for beautiful views of Los Angeles, is totally famous and is also totally windy. I became a little nauseous after the first fifteen turns or so and we had to take another road to Mann’s Chinese Theatre, which we had already agreed that we weren’t going to get out of the car to see. We were only doing a drive-by, you see. There were just too many people there and I was totally ok with that. But while waiting in traffic near Mann’s Chinese Theatre, we saw a glimpse of Danny Bonaduce who looked like he was doing some sort of reality show.

On a side note, while were on our way from Mullholland to Mann’s we also saw a dude dressed as Jesus, long hair, white robe and all. It had something to do with the Rapture, but since I am a heathen, I didn’t know what that meant.

After our scenic drive, we arrived at Daichan, a Japanese soul food restaurant. I, of course, forgot to take photos, so I Googled some links.

Daichan doesn’t serve what we normally associate with Japanese food. They serve what your Japanese Mom might make (if you were Japanese). Jenn ordered us a series of appetizers that I just gobbled down. One of them was a fried tofu dish and you know how I love my tofu.

One of the appetizers that I loved so much that I had to make it at home. It was a Japanese cold spinach and it was super easy to make.

All you need to do is wilt the spinach.

And make the sauce.

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The sauce is one tablespoon of everything above except for the sugar. You only need one teaspoon of that. Make sure you squeeze out the water from the spinach and put in the sauce and you’re done! Even I could do that! And it is delicious. I must have needed something in spinach in my diet. Because I made a lot and I ate it all!

The only thing was that my spinach was much more bitter. I’ve read that sometimes that happens due to the vitamins in the spinach. So some people boil it, but that also removes some of the vitamins.

But I digress. Daichan was delicious. I think if we return, I’m just eating appetizers!

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This week is going to be all about my visit to Southern California where The Hubs and I spent the weekend with Jenn Reese and Chris East. They were kind enough to show us around their wonderful city and taking us to all the wonderful eating establishments. I hadn’t gone there with anything to do in mind.

I just wanted to hang out, really, and have a relaxing time. Previous to the visit, I had been working at my work’s annual expo. They were long days, breakfast with clients at 8, teaching classes during the day, dinner with clients afterwards. The days were as long as 14 hours. And I knew that our friends were also busy prior to the visit, so I didn’t want anything too strenuous to tire anyone out.

On Saturday, Jenn and Chris picked us up at our hotel and off we went to the first of many eating establishments, More than Waffles. (Jenn and Chris were kind enough to drive us everywhere, including picking us up at Laguna (which is kinda far from where she lives) and dropping us off at the airport! Yaaay Jenn!) There was a little bit of a wait when we got there, but I figured there would be. There is always a wait for weekend breakfast/brunch. There was a lovely bustling courtyard where there was a man playing a piano and singing. The sun was shining, but it wasn’t too hot (last year when we visited, it was sweltering, and the year before that was freezing!). I think we only waited about fifteen minutes before we were seated. We had chosen to sit indoors.

More than Waffles reminds me of an old comfortable home. The walls had that flowery wallpaper we always associate with grandmothers and the furniture was a well used country farmhouse style. I don’t know about you, but I always think dining tables and writing tables should have some dings to them. Furniture should be used, not put up for display. And when something is well used, they have this patina to them that makes them unique.

They have a ton of stuff on their menu from pancakes to waffles to crepes! I got the Ika’s crepe. I love crepes, and I haven’t had one in a while. There isn’t a good crepe place near here. Toojays has a cheese blintz, but I really do shy away from eating so much cheese these days. And we haven’t gone to Toojays in quite some time. Ika’s crepe had spinach and turkey sausage, which was totally what I was having a hankering for. I was also under the impression that I should eat a little bit healthy having eaten meat, meat and more meat during the work expo.

The Hubs had the decadent bacon and cheese waffle! You could be even more decadent by getting ice cream with your waffle, but I didn’t feel that was right. I mean, we’re told all the time we can’t have ice cream for breakfast, but that didn’t stop some of the people at the restaurant. And the ice cream scoop looked huge!

Ika’s crepe is about the size of a Chipotle burrito, which is to say that it was a huge portion. And needless to say, I over-ate. I have no self control. The Hubs loved his waffle, I mean, who wouldn’t? Cheese and bacon INSIDE the waffle? He still talks about it. Unfortunately, we don’t have anything nearly that good around here. We do have breakfast places, but we don’t have anything nearly resembling that. Hopefully we can go back again.

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We have to end the week with something sweet and yummy.

Across the street from Waterford Lakes is a yogurt place called Simply Yogurt. It’s a cute little place with Ikeafurniture. They have a big screen tv that usually plays g rated files. I’ve seen Lemony Snicket, Bolt, The Shrek movies, Alice and several others. They are always child friendly,bso you never have to worry about what’s playing there.

Simply Yogurt is one of those places that allow you to make your own. There are several flavors of yogurt including cake batter, cheesecake, taro, and several others. If you dont know which flavor to get, don’t worry! They have small sampler cups you can use to decide which flavors you’d like to have, I usually get only one flavor, but you can get all the flavors if you want! They have both non-fat and non-dairy flavors. However, there is usually one flavor that is non-dairy and that’s the one that I get.

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This flavor is called orange burst and I like to put mandarine orange slices and longans in it. They also have Jack fruit and lychee!

This one is the one Chris made. It’s cake batter and red velvet. He’s put peanut butter cups, butterfinger, poundcake, M&M’s and Ghirardelli caramel sauce.

It may look like we didn’t get very much in those cups, but those are big cups. We only got enough to eat and not to take home. You pay by the ounce and we usually get about $6 worth together.

They are a little pricier than Sweet by Miss Holly(by ten cents an ounce, but if you look carefully, that’s an intro offer. It may go up at some point), but we like Simply Yogurt better because the ingredients seem fresher. There are more fruit options at Simply Yogurt and the ingredients seem to be higher quality. Simply Yogurt has Ghirardelli chocolate yogurt as well as chocolate, caramel and something else I can’t remember. Sweet by Miss Holly has Hershey’s syrup that you buy at the grocery store. Plus, there is a place to eat. Sweet by Miss Holly removed half their seating when they installed the frozen yogurt machines. The other half of the seating is usually used up for storage. We took a friend there who usually goes to Sweet by Miss Holly and she too decided that Simply Yogurt is better. It’s totally worth the extra 10 cents an ounce!!

If you’re ever in the Waterford Lakes shopping area, take the time to go across the street to the other plaza were Staples and Sports Authority reside. Take a gander inside and try out some yogurt. You won’t regret it.

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Since we had such good luck finding food using urban spoon, we decided to try a new restaurant. El Cerro is in the same plaza as Anmol and Jeremiah’s. 78% of the people liked it, so that’s plenty of people. I mean, some people have to not like it. If everybody liked it, I would find something wonky about the restaurant. Like people came out of there hypnotized or pod people.

El Cerro is in it’s own little building that looks super small, but there’s enough space for several tables. When we went there, only one other table had anyone in it. That’s ok. Anmol had absolutely nobody in it when we visited that first time. Chris ordered tacos and I ordered carne asada.

Well, mine came overcooked and over spiced. Carne asada isn’t the best cut of meat, but I never had any problems chewing it. My jaw was tired by the third bite. Chris’s taco was blandtastic. It was cheap though, so I suppose that’s why all the college students like to go there. The beer is cheap too.

I don’t know if they get so drunk, they don’t know what’s good or maybe they’ve just never had good mexican food. Whatever the reason, they love this place. But I will never go back again. My jaw still hurts just thinking about it. So much chewing. I should have sent it back, but I think I was overly tired or starving, I ate it, but I didn’t enjoy it, if you want good Mexican food, don’t go there. You’re better off making tacos at home. They’ll taste better.

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At lunch the other day, I didn’t recognize something that came on my plate. I asked Chris what it was and he said that it was butter for my potato. Durrrr….

I don’t know why my brain didn’t recognize it. I blame it on the previous night’s insomnia.

Do you like the graphics in that photo? I did it using Photogene on the ipad. It’s $4.99 and comes with some basic photo editing options like crop, rotate, some basic filters, red-eye remover and some basic shapes. It also has the ability to put together some basic borders like the one seen above.

I had to transfer the photo from my iphone where I took it to the ipad. I did it by uploading to smugmug using smugshot. From the ipad, I browsed to the web page and downloaded from there. I hate having to connect to itunes twice just to transfer one photo.

In actuality, I had downloaded camera for ipad thinking that it was a photo transfer program, but it’s not. I misunderstood its intended use. That program connects your ipad and iphone and uses the ipad like a remote control. It’s the stupidest thing I’d ever seen. Why would you use your ipad to take a picture with your iphone? And it crashed constantly so I didn’t even get a chance to see if it worked well or what. I totally wasted $.99.

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Having become quite tired of the 3 restaurants that we always went to when the in-laws came to visit, we found a couple of restaurants to try (using my iPhone’s Urban Spoon app).

Le Biscuits. Delicious, but pricey!

The restaurant that we went to was called The Ravenous Pig. It’s a gastropub. The OED defines gastropub as a “public house which specializes in serving high-quality food.” To me that means small plates that cost a lot. The appetizers range from $4-$15. ($4 for biscuits (of which there were only 4, so $1 a biscuit) so don’t get excited. The average appetizer was about $12.) The entrees ranged from $12 (pub burger, nothing special) to 32 (Niman Ranch Striploin). Most entrees were about $25.

We’ve been there a couple of times. Their menu changes each month, so there’s always something different. The thing that you loved last month may not be there the next month. (Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of the first two times that we went. But I did get photos of the things we ate this month.)

**And let me apologize for the photos beforehand. It was dark and I didn’t want to use a flash.

Lamb Tartare, yes, that means it’s raw.

I ordered the lamb tartare which came with kalamata aioli, mint salsa verde, peas, picked peppers and lavish crackers. (heh, lavish. Whatev.) I found that raw lamb is really lamb-y. I also discovered that I really just don’t like lamb. I’ve had it several times, and I just never cared for it. I need to stop ordering it.

They also had Veal Sweetbreads on the menu. And though I have become quite adventurous in my food consumption, I am still not that adventurous. I don’t want to eat any glands from any animals. To me, it’s like wanting to eat pig anus. It’s just gross.

However, Chris’ dad had different tastes.  He eats cow tongue sandwiches after all, so he ordered it.  And I figure what the hell.  (Though I forgot to take a photo.)

Veal Sweetbreads came with gnocchi verde, brown butter, lemon, pistachio, and fried capers.

What I find interesting is that there were 9 different steps to making this sweetbread.  First they soak it in milk, then they boil it in super salty seawater, then they do all sorts of other things to get rid of the taste of sweetbreads and make it taste like something else.  It seems like such a waste to me.  Why bother eating it if it tastes nothing like what it’s supposed to?  It’s like ordering a steak and tasting chicken.  It’s ridiculous.

But since Chris’ dad ordered it, I tried some.  Tasted like the sauce it came in.  It was very French that way.  I cut a very small sliver for Chris to try and he hated it.  For me, it was the consistency of tofu.  For him, he said it had a consistency of rotten cheese.  It was kind of lumpy and soft at the same time.

I didn’t find this fantastic at all, so I’d say skip it unless you want to tell people that you’ve eaten sweetbreads, but then by all means, waste your money.

Lobster Taco, why yes, that is blurry.

The lobster taco comes with cilantro, avacado, pickled jalepeno, cabbage slaw. I didn’t have any of this, so I can’ tell you how it tasted. I try to avoid crabs, shrimp, & lobster. I’ve had allergic reactions to them before, though it’s not a consistent allergic reaction. I don’t know what it is in those that sometimes makes me puff up while other times I am fine.

I can tell you that Chris found it too rich and fattening. I have no idea why we ordered this as nobody wanted any. I think we remembered ordering it last time and someone enjoying it, but that particular person wasn’t with us this time. We suggest not ordering it as the lobster is fried and greasy. It also looked unappetizing.

Florida Frog Legs. They do not taste like chicken

We ordered Florida Frog Legs that came with pickled peppers and celery, house-made hot sauce and bleu cheese aioli. It was prepared like buffalo wings. And even though I love buffalo wings, I did not enjoy the frog legs. There isn’t enough meat on the bones to make it worthwhile. It’s like the quail we had last time (which was full of flavor and delicious, but a lot of work for a very small amount of meat. I mean, quails are like the size of my fist.) Beyond the lack of flesh, it didn’t taste like anything spectacular. They were so-so and I can’t really tell you why either. It just didn’t hit me in the right spot. Chris found them yucky. I’d say pass on these unless you absolutely love frog legs.

Rabbit Terrine. That little white piece in the center of the square slab is the rabbit loin

Rabbit terrine came with pickled carrot salad, pale ale mustard and grilled bread.  Chris said it was like really good liverwurst and I think I might have to agree.  The consistency is very much the same, very much minced and then reformed.  I enjoyed it, but then, it tasted like ham to me.

Tuna Crudo, so flavorless

The last few times we went, they had ceviche, which I absolutely loved. The first time, it was yellowtail and it was just buttery and full of flavor. It wasn’t so good with salmon, but still quite edible. This time though, they had tuna crudo, which was flavorless to the max. Like eating air. It came with lightly smoked athena canteloupe, habanero oil, charlies heirloom tomatoes, pickled watermelon rind relish. Now that would sound tasty, right? No, I didn’t taste no habenero. The canteloupe tasted like someone had dropped it into the barbecue pit and the pickled watermelon rind relish? When was the last time you ate the watermelon rind? I mean, seriously. Pass on this too. So not worth it.

House-made Charcuterie and Artisan Cheese. It’s their fancy way of saying cheese and meats.

This is one of my favorite appetizers, mostly because it combines two things that I absolutely love, dried meats and cheeses! The only thing II don’t like is that the meats are paper thin slices. They really do need to give you more of it. And the bread that comes with it is delicious. Toasted with lardo, it tastes like bacon.

Steak Frites (pronounced Freets, but we like to say it like frights!) Of course, we ravaged this before I remembered to take a photo

Now entrees, we didn’t have a lot of since by this point, we were stuffed. This time, we ordered Steak Frites, which is a porcini marinated prime niman flat-iron steak, truffle fries, sorrel aioli. It is delicious, flavorful and very tender. You might think that this is an inferior piece of meat and in a lot of restaurant, it is. But in the right hands, it tastes like filet mignon, and this definitely is the right place.

We’ve also had the Niman Ranch Striploin with potato-squash gratin, grilled lemon and red pepper sauce, and though that is also delicious, it comes with a big side of fat. And I don’t prefer that as much. It is also $8 more than the Steak Frites, and since I am not that big of a foodie and can’t tell the difference, I much preferred the former.

The one thing that I should mention though is that these pieces of cow flesh come in very small portions and pre-sliced to make them look like a bigger portion. I’d say that you get about 4 oz of meat altogether. But if you’ve been gorging yourself on appetizers like we were, then that small bit won’t make a difference. We shared that and a Gatherer salad.

A custard and a cobbler. I didn’t take a dessert menu, so I don’t know.  But a good custard shakes like a woman’s booby.

And because we were gluttons for punishment, we ordered dessert. This is a custard (which Chris’ dad said tasted like baby puke) and a cobbler of some sort. I didn’t like either. I liked their home-made ice cream that we had before (of which Chris ordered banana and his dad ordered vanilla, but they got confused since they were the same color and his dad ate almost all the banana before I discovered the treachery. I immediately remedied the situation, but alas, Chris only had a spoonful or two of banana left for himself. It was epically sad.)

We also had a chocolate tart previously, but that was just not chocolate-y enough. It was too tart-y.  And we also had cake and ice cream, which turns out to be more 3 thimble sized cupcakes and a bitty bit of milk shake.  Though delicious, milkshake was too heavy after a big meal and cupcakes too small!

Having said all that, I wouldn’t go to the restaurant on my own. The food is always good quality, but not all the dishes are fantabulous (last time we had escargot and everyone agreed that it was blandtastic and the raw oysters were just swimming in salt water.) But what really gets me is the price and the fact that each dish is so tiny. If you just order salad (cheapest at $9) and steak frites, you’re already at $34 and this does not include any drinks, of which there are many to choose from. They have a full bar with a huge variety of beers and wines. Plus tax and tip, you’re already butting up against the $50 mark for one person. It’s a bit pricey for a place that I don’t absolutely love. But I have no doubt that I’ll be returning there for Chris’ dad does enjoy much more than me.

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On Saturday, we went to the food and wine festival at Epcot. It’s going on now until the first weekend of November. We had gone two years ago (there was a scheduling problem with the family last year). Now that I have a season pass (and so does Chris now), there’s no reason for us not to go this year.

The first thing I noticed was that the food was much more e pensive. Things were about $3 before. Everything was about $5 (alcohol cost $7). If you go to the park hungry, you can easily spend the cost of the ticket on food.

E was smart and had eaten before she came. So she only ate the things that she knew were good.

Unfortunately, they had changed some of the menus. China had something called churumqi. I would skip that. It was salty and flavorless. The lava cake (can’t remember what country had it) was the size of that teeny tiny little Reese’s peanut butter cup that you give out during Halloween (but yummy). Pizza from Italy sucked big time.

Tenderloin from Australia was good. The beef skewer and empanadas from Mexico was delicious. And I always love the weiner schnitzel in a pretzel bun from Germany. Ireland had a lovely cheese spread that I would recommend.

For dessert, ginger ice cream from China was good. And of course, the lava cake from countries unknown.

I was disappointed with the options at Greece, India, and Japan. They were things you could get anywhere. And the Marrekesh stand just didn’t look appetizing.

All in all, it was a fun afternoon. We went at about 4pm trying to escape the heat, but it was still pretty hot.

And on our way out, it stormed and we tried to wait it out, but it wasn’t stopping. So we just waited til it was light enough sloshed through the rain.

When we got into the car, I felt like I was wearing a big diaper. Next time, I need to pack some ponchos!

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For dessert, we ordered key lime pie and creme brûlée. I do no suggest this combination to anyone unless they like really tart key lime pie. Their version is already super tart and the combination of the two made it super duper tart.

We told them that it was our anniversary and that we had our reception there last year and they decided to give us a little bit of a fancy thing.

I thought it was thoughtful.

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Aug. 24th, 2009 08:00 am
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For brunch on Sunday, we went to Sonsie’s, which is also on Newbery. I didn’t make these reservations, so I didn’t know anything about these restaurants. I looked at the restaurant after the fact so I could link it here. Had I seen the comments on their website, I would have definitely not gone there at all.

The quotes from magazines were all about how it was the place to be seen and the photos were full of young trendy people having a great time. The last thing I care about is being seen by strangers. They don’t care and I don’t care. I don’t understand this whole being seen thing. I don’t see what it gains me.

But that quote would explain why the hostess was dressed like she was going clubbing at ten in the morning. Her teeny tiny buttcheeks peaked out the hem of her dress with each step that she took on her four inch heels. Her scowl of disdain was permanently etched onto her face. She was incapable if smiling because those muscles have atrophied.

She didn’t want to seat us at first because our whole party wasn’t there. A few of our members had decided to go shopping instead of wait for our table, which we were ten minutes early for. I was hungry. I didn’t know when they would be back since Newbery was a street full of clothing shops. So I said that I wanted to be seated now, which earned me an eye roll. I wonder if she smiled after sex.

Probably not.

She sat us in the back, which was probably some sort of diss except that it was nice and quiet back there. I much prefered it there than having waiters swishing back and forth behind me. Chris’ family is so tall that more than one tray of food has either grazed their heads or fully been conked in the head leaving them covered with food. And these waiters were not tall enough to lift the overly heavy trays over their heads.

Having finally being seated, I ate the best scones in my life. It was filled with raspberries and covered in a layer of sugary frosty goodness.

Now I fully admit that it could have been that I was hungry. I remember once declaring how good Cheetos were after eating half a bag. I fully admit that hunger had something to do with how good they were.

I also ordered a mimosa, so that could have tainted my thoughts on the steak and eggs that I had. I found them also equally delicious. And that was more than enough food for me. (It also came with potatoes.).

The restaurant is known for serving sophisticated comfort food. I’m not a big fan of that. Just because you put truffle oil and saffron into my mac n cheese, it doesn’t make that sophisticated. But surprisngly, there was none of that nonsense in my steak and eggs.

The food wasn’t horribly priced. For five of us, it was about $150 before tip and that was with mimosas. It’s a decent enough place for brunch. I’m hesitant to suggest it because of all the super trendy people there. But if anything, you’ve got to try those scones. I’m convinced that it wasn’t because I was hungry.

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Kashmir’s is a nice Indian restaurant nestled on Newbery street. They were a little hard to find for me because they were below street level.

Indoors was a little muggy at first. But it could have been that it was freezing outside and every heated room inside was stuffy. After I thawed out, the restaurant was a comfortable temperature.

The tandoori tikka that I got was somewhat bland. I wanted some sauce or something with it, but I have a feeling I got the wrong dish. I got a dish for beginners. Chris got vindaloo, which was much more flavorful. Garlic naan was devoured before it even hit the table.

I absolutely loved the rice. It was fragrant and flavorful. I could just order a huge bowl of rice and be fulfilled by that.

The website says that there was outdoor seating, but we weren’t offered any and I didn’t see a space for it. Could have been under construction or something though because we saw some scaffolding.

On the whole, it was a decent enough place, but I don’t think that I’d go back to dinner. It’s a bit pricey. They do have a buffet style lunch that I saw when we were making reservations. That might be better for your money.

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Stephanie’s on Newberry is a self-important overpriced restaurant that I would never go back to again. At first glance, they look to be a lovely restaurant with outdoor seating. It’s situated in the middle of Newberry where you can people watch. Or at least that’s the theory. In actuality, they will rush you the hell out of there as quicky as possible.

We made a reservation for outdoor seating, which was not available. We waited twenty minutes for our seats. The one that we did get was on a slant. It wouldn’t be noticeable except that your drink glasses had a tendency to want to walk off the table on it’s own. When it eventually happened and no one was fast enough the to catch it, the glass took a header off the edge, the staff looked at us in a disgusted fashion. No new water glass was offered nor any napkins to clean up with.

I was jammed up against the wall. We couldn’t push it out further because of fire regulations.

The food was subpar. They claim to serve “sophisticated comfort food”, but just because you throw truffle oil and saffron on a piece of poop, it does not make it divine. If I order a $20 meatloaf, I expect it to be mouthwateringly good. It tasted like an ashtray with puke as dressing. And the aftertaste of puke lingered long after the dinner was over.

Chris ordered the T-bone that came out hard as a rock and overcooked, the second one came out all grisly and chewy (no amount of chewing would soften it enough to swallow), and the third one came out completely raw. Chris finally ordered a half-chicken which was just as dry as chalk.

They then offered to give us free dessert except that we couldn’t pick. We were going to order chocolate cake and a few other things, but they gave us the cheapest thing on the menu. We ended up ordering the dessert we wanted anyway, which we paid for. The dessert they offered was left half eaten.

There were four of us at nearly $30 a plate, plus appetizer, wine and several desserts, this check was more than $200 and yet we were treated as though we were tabacco chewing hicks.

They kept asking us if we were done at each portion of the meal when clearly only half the food had been consumed. I have never felt like I needed to gobble down my food. Never at any other restaurant.

There are plent of other restaurants with outdoor dining on Newberry that you could get a better experience at a cheaper restaurant.

I’d say save your money and go elsewhere.

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Because of my work schedule, I couldn’t get to Boston until after 8, but we went to dinner anyway. Chris’ dad had made reservations to Atlantic Fish, which is a restaurant near the hotel on Boylston Street. We had a nice stroll down there for dinner.

Since I was in Boston, I was determined to have clam chowder. I love clam chowder, but I don’t usually get it because it’s a creamy soup. And it came in a bread bowl, so I couldn’t resist. It was so good that I slurped it up like a giant cup of red Icee. Even though it wasn’t a dinner portion of soup, I was quite satisfied with my meal. I highly recommend.

Chris got the fish and chips, which he normally loves, but found it a little lacking. The fish part of that meal is usually a large piece of fish that they batter and deep fry. But the one at Atlantic Fish are little pieces that ate battered and fried. The problem with this is that it ends up being more batter than fish. Chris was highly unimpressed.

For dessert, we got the peanut butter ice cream pie because the waitress said that it was delicious. She lied. It was vanilla ice cream with broken pieces of Reese’s peanut butter cups. I can get that at Dairy Queen for half the price.

I would definitely go back and get the clam chowder again. They say it’s won awards, but I really don’t care about that. It was super yummy. Quite definitely the best that I’d ever had.

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One of the restaurants that we always go to, but I never talk about is Thai Singha. It’s obviously a Thai restaurant and it’s at Waterford Lakes. It is also attached to a sushi restaurant next door named Kirin Sushi. When you sit at either restaurant, you can order food from either place.

I really like the chicken lemongrass soup with a side of rice(Thom Yum Gai), massaman chicken, and panang curry. They only offer a limited menu at lunch so they can get you out in time for you to get back to work. I see a lot of Lockheed Martin people there. You can tell them apart because they’ve got the tan slacks and polo. Plus, they wear their badge everywhere!

At night, I like spicy bamboo shoots! We don’t normally go for dinner though because I like their Thai iced tea and I can’t have that in the evenings. I won’t be able to sleep.

Theydo have a few dishes that aren’t that great though. They are the dishes that look like they would appeal to people who like bland food and don’t want anything that sounds funny. Anything in a brown sauce is avoided. They’re just noodles drenched in soy sauce!

It’s also the place that I get my miso soup fix! I can’t find miso paste here. Come to think of it, I’ve never noticed any tofu at the grocery store either.

Well anyway, Thai Singha is a good place to eat for a quick lunch! I highly recommend.

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  1. What is your favorite vegetable?
    For a while, I craved beets. I didn’t want it on top of salad or anything like that. I wanted straight up beets. I think there was something in there that my body needed. I ate beets straight out of a can. They were seriously yummy. I had to keep myself from eating the whole can. And what invariably happens is that I’m all beeted out. I don’t even want to look at them.

    I think my favorite vegetable might be string beans though. But that could be because most of the time it’s covered in bacon fat. Who wouldn’t like that?
  2. What is your favorite salad dressing, sauce, gravy, or condiment?
    My favorite salad dressing is thousand island. I grew up with it as the only salad dressing in existence. My mom made it from scratch. Now I don’t know how a Chinese woman found out how to make thousand island dressing, but I’m not arguing. I always ask for it at restaurants, but it is apparently not a common dressing. I always end up with some sort of vinaigrette. Or a Caesar salad.

    I also love ketchup. Burgers and fries are always drenched in them. And of course, who doesn’t love a good brown gravy?

  3. What is your favorite culture’s food (American, Chinese, Creole, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Soul Food, Southern U.S., etc.)?
    Mow this is an unfair question. It’s like asking who your favorite child is. You can’t pick one! I like all kinds of food, though I think I have a particular affinity for those with a rice culture. I like Spanish rice, yellow rice, basmati rice, jasmine rice. I can’t get enough of rice. But there is one thing that I love that doesn’t involve rice and that’s chicken fried steak…At Cracker Barrel. No, I don’t have champagne tastes.
  4. What is your favorite beverage?
    Arnold Palmer, of course. It’s half tea, half lemonade and oh so yummy. When I was in St. Thomas with a few friends, I ordered that and the waiter asked me if I wanted a water hazard with that. I didn’t know what it was. Apparently, when Arnold Palmer feels the need, he asks for one along with that drink. It is a shot of either vodka or gin, I can’t remember. I said, why not? I didn’t mix it in my drink, however. I just downed the shot.
  5. What is your favorite food?
    Here we go again, asking about our favorite child. How can anyone limit this to one thing? But I’ll tell you what. I do enjoy a good mint chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins, a taco fresco style from Taco Bell, a sirloin from Outback. A six ounce Outback Special will only cost you $9.99 (unless you’re in Long Beach. Then it will cost you $13!). You also get two sides. I get a Caesar salad (which has a nice spicy kick to it), and a baked potato dry. It’s more than enough food for me.

    Oh, you know what I do really love that I don’t get much here?

    Chicken feet. I do love me some chicken feet. *sigh* Unfortunately, there are no good dim sum places in Florida. And baked pork buns. And a nice beef noodle soup….

    I need an Asian Invasion over here in Orlando. Someone open up a dim sum restaurant near me!

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