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This will probably defeat my own chances of getting an ARC, but it’s going to a good cause, so I will post it anyway.

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Jim Hines is gathering a bunch of books to donate to a local women’s shelter. He’s asking for authors to sign books so that these families can get some decent Christmas gifts. They’ve often left their homes with nothing. So it will be nice for them to recieve a signed book.

Since I don’t have a novel to send out, he’ll also take your extra books you don’t want anymore. They’ll go into the general library. I’ve got a bunch of books I’ve bought throughout the year that I don’t have room for. If you’ve got a couple of books that need to go to a good home, email Jim and he’ll give you his mailing addy. And you can send it media mail!

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It's the last day of the NaBloPoMo! I know you will all miss this daily read of my blog, but you always knew this goodness would have to end eventually. That is until I decide to do it again next year!

So to go out on a nice note, at least for November, here's some place good you can send your books.

Jim C. Hines is asking for your books. If you have books that you wrote and would like to sign them for families of a local domestic shelter, he's happy to recieve them. The signed one's will go to the families as Christmas gifts. If you aren't a novelist (like me), he also welcomes books that need a good home. They will go into their general library. Email him for more information on where to send the books.

See you all soon! But not tomorrow. =D

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