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Recently, there was a discussion on the purpose of Facebook. Most of us said that we didn’t really use it for anything. But the one thing everyone said they did like about it was that they were able to find friends they’d lost track of ten years ago or more.

I was able to find high school friends, though they aren’t huge users of facebook. And I like he microblogging updates though most people are using twitter now.

For kicks, I took a look at the people associated with my high school graduating year. I was really surprised at the number of people I absolutely do not remember. I mean I went to school with thse people for four years, practically every day. And yet, there are people I don’t remember. How funny is that? But it’s no great loss. I was a nerdy kid. And I’d rather not relive those years.

But I was able to reunite with an old elementary school friend whom I spent a great deal of time with. We ended up in different high schools, but I still sent her msil periodicall. We lost touch some only to find that we attended the same college. And facebook has allowed me to keep in touch wih her after losing touch yet again. She’s now living in Switzerland, traveling the European countryside and sending her U.S. friends the photos she’s taken. I’m not sure that I would have found her again without Facebook, but I’m glad we did. She is by far the oldest friend that I have.

So for me, it’s all about reconnecting with people that you knew a long time ago. Plus, they have Wordscraper, a version of Scrabble. I like playing it with my friends who don’t live near me.

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Facebook has a Virtual Bookshelf in which you can add books that you've read, that you're reading, or that you want to read. But I think Virtual Bookshelf should have an option for "Never Finished". Because you know there are books out there that start out with a great beginning, but fizzle out in the middle and you don't have any interest of finishing. Or there were books you started and decided to read more because you wanted to give it a chance. In either case, you never finish those books. I'm not sure what to do with one of the books that I've got on the Virtual Bookshelf that I've listed as I'm reading. Really, they should have a rating that's "Not Good Enough To Finish". Because I'm reading one of those right now. Do I just remove it? Consider it read? Eternally keep it as "Reading" even though there's no chance that I'll get to the end?

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Work has been exhausting the last few days. Since I returned from my brother's wedding, it's been non-stop 18 hour days while I finish up projects. And finally, I have a chance to breath a little bit, catch up on my email, blogs, and, of course, Scrabulous.

Doug says that playing Scrabulous with me is like a knife fight. It's close in and vicous with nowhere to move. Which is true. Because when I played a game with Karen Meisner, this is how our game started:

She then, of course, proceded to kick my ass.

But what fun is a game if you aren't challenged when you play. When you continuously trounce the competition and aren't even trying? When you know that you will win every single game? Luckily for me, most of my Scrabulous buddies kick ass and I don't feel sorry for them. I learn new words every day. Or maybe every other.

In any case, it is late and I am going to bed. Have a good night everyone!

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Oh yeah, I did it. Uhuh, I made REQUIRED in Scrabulous and it was worth 118 points. Uhuh, that's me.

I might as well quit playing because it'll be the last time that I'll make anything nearly that high in point value.

But I'll do the Scrabulous dance while I still can.

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ling: (Default) I never knew the reason for myspace. I mean, other than collecting a bunch of friends, I never really visited the site. I didn't really get it. The information that I really wanted was already being sent via email or through livejournal. I only checked that thing maybe once a week, and that's only if I got notifications that I got a new friends' request or mail.
When Facebook who came around, I pretty much figured the same thing. And for a while, it was true. Then there were these little plugins that people started writing and I discovered Scrabulous, which Steph and Lisa D have been feeling the brunt of my need to play.

The only problem with Scrabulous is that it's buggy. Sometimes I click a game and it doesn't quite come up. It hiccuped so much that I am now currently playing 3 simultaneous games with Joanne. She's been humoring me by playing all three all at once. The Scrabulous peeps are going to fix it on September 20.

In the meantime, I've discovered Zwinky, a plugin for your web browser. I've used it on Firefox, but it's a bit buggy. It's a beta, so I expect that they're all a bit buggy. But it's an online realm in which you make yourself an avatar and wander around the beach, the university, the park, etc. At each area, there are games that you can play. One is a variation of Bejeweled, and another is a variation on Bubble Pop. You play the games and earn achievements and money. And you can unlock more clothes or buy them as you go along. This avatar is the one that I'm currently using. It's all the free stuff.

The only problem is that there isn't enough games as of yet. Each area that you can go to only has one game and you can pretty much step into the arcade and play them all. I think I'd prefer that the arcade had different games or not an arcade at all. There's no reason to go to the other areas if you can play them all in one area. If you install it. as usual, my name is lingtm.


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