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A few weeks ago, my brother asked me to buy him some extra parts for Mr. Potato Head. Baby J was really into his Mr. Potato Head. Unfortunately, he’s only got the Easter Bunny version. I looked online to see if I could buy a kit that had a bunch of parts, but that was a serious no go. Nobody had anything. But the reason why my brother asked me to get extra parts was that in Downtown Disney at Once Upon a Toy (And also at Magic Kingdom, but that’s a serious pain in the butt to get to), you can totally get the parts by themselves! You can get them individually or you can stuff as much as you can into a small box or into this potato head container. Three boxes worth of stuff fits into one potato head container, but the container was the cost for about 2.5 boxes. And since I am very good at Tetris, I figured I could get way more stuff in the head than they expected.

Of course I bought the potato head container! I could have anything I wanted of Potato Head parts as long as it would fit. So I spent about 45 minutes packing this thing with parts. I wanted to get my money’s worth!

It took me fifteen minutes to get the pieces back inside!

In total, I got a little over 60 parts (some of which were duplicates. There was extra space!!). And of course, I forgot to get feet for the Darth Vader and the Storm Trooper. But hey, Baby J won’t know.

I took a photo and sent it to my brother. He said just a few parts. He didn’t know I was going to go crazy with the parts. Hey, I’m the auntie, I get to go crazy on stuff. I offered to return it, but he said no.

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Peter Pan fighting Hook. Except Hook is moving too fast, so he’s just a blur

On the same day as we went to the Star Wars Weekend, we also went to the Magic Kingdom. (The annual pass is good like that. You don’t have to pay for parking and you can go to as many parks as you want, whenever you want!) So we went over to the Magic Kingdom because I got a brochure saying that there would be a light parade and a special fireworks with 3-D glasses for passholders. Well, hell, I’m going to take advantage of that, right?

So we met some friends at Magic Kingdom and proceeded to wait around for the light parade. Well, we lined up at 7:30pm thinking the parade was at 8, but it was actually at 9! At least we got front row seats. (It also happened to be Gay Day at Magic Kindgom? I only mention it in case you don’t know about it. I didn’t find it any different than any other day at Disney. You can always tell when you’ve gone on Gay Day because there will be people wearing shirts saying that it’s Gay Day. Not the Disney staff, mind you, but park visitors.)

At any rate, we waited those long hours until the light parade finally deigned to begin, which wasn’t until about 9:15. You see, there’s like 18 hours of light in Florida some days (ok, maybe not, but it feels like that sometimes.).

Tinkerbell’s zeppelin. You know that she’s a steampunk engineer?

What I learned about the light parade is that it moves heinously fast. Not like roller coaster fast, but still, blink and the next float has already gone by. (This means that some of my photos are blurry. Ok, all of them are blurry!) But what I also learned was that these lights parade floats have been around since the 70′s. There was even a float with a boy on a dragon. How long ago was that? I mean really. I don’t even remember that movie.

And why did they make a float of one of the scariest things in Pinocchio?

Hell if I know what this is called, but it was hella f’in scary coming down the street.

But the 2 year old that we took with us really enjoyed the parade. It lasted about 45 minutes. And then we were just too tired to wait around for the fireworks. I’m not a big fan of the fireworks anyway. But we were able to see it from the tram. Cuz you know, you can’t go from the parking lot to the park. You gotta take a tram or a boat. And that takes 15 minutes to an hour depending on if you can get on the tram.

So anyway, light parade good for kids. But it’s hella dated.

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During the summer weekends, Disney Hollywood Studios has Star Wars weekends. It only runs for about one month, starting the end of May to the middle of June. They said that they’d have special merchandise just for these events. And since my brother is a huge Star Wars fan, I went to take a look.

Upon arrival, the park didn’t look any different than every other day. You don’t really notice that it’s a special event until you go further back into the park where the Star Wars ride is. Roaming about were a dozen storm troopers.

And of course, I needed to take a photo with them.

I hurried because there were like 9 people waiting for a photo too. It’s not the most creative photo. And I feel this way because as we were walking away, these two storm troopers were posing with a ten-year-old kid. His dad had bought him a storm trooper gun, and the three of them were pointing their guns at the dad. Now THAT is a photo. I would have tried to snap a photo, but I’m not fond of taking photos of children I don’t know and posting them on the web.

You could also take a photo with Darth Vader. Since there is always only one Darth Vader roaming the park, there was a heinous line, one in which I did not stand in. Instead, I went into the specialty store, of which there is also a line to get into. Fortunately for me, there was none. The specialty items that they had were a lot of little pins ranging from $12-15, specialty prints, a throw-rug, and some shirts. Of course, they had a few limited edition items that cost a fortune. There was a painting of Chewbacca in the snow that was really appealing, but I was not about to shell out $1k for a limited print run. I don’t like Chewbacca that much.

Since I was a passholder, I was able to buy this special pin for $13. It’s Han Solo encased in carbonite and is only about 3 inches tall. I’m giving it to my brother since it’s a collector’s item. And luckily for me, the Star Wars store is a Disney store, so I got a discount on the merchandise.

I didn’t find the Star Wars weekend to be particularly fabulous. But then again, I did skip seeing Billy Dee Williams. That is probably where all the action was.

And of course, we stood in line for the Toy Story ride. It only took about 45 minutes to get through the line even though the sign said an hour and a half.

And I was also the high scorer on my ride. Oh yes. I’m a geek.

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I thought I’d split up the wild animal park talk with some Disney talk! Yes, Disney, some of you hate it, some of you love it, but I’ve got an annual pass this year and I’m going to use it.

Every year around March to May, Disney has the Flower and Garden Festival. I’d thought this would be a lot of fun as I’d seen photos of some Disney characters made out of flowers! I thought that it would just be all over the place, but they were rather spread out. I was overall disappointed by it all too, because they were made out of painted moss! They weren’t like alive at all!! Not like the Macy’s day parade floats.

The Prince’s hair is not unlike the wigs the poor actors have to wear

But at least you can tell who everybody is supposed to be.

They also had a butterfly pavilion which had a lot of butterflies that people were trying to get them to land on their fingers.

There were plenty of caterpillars all over the place.

And a bunch of cocoons in these two little huts. While we were there, one of them was coming out of the cocoon.

They had this place called Flower Town, which I had missed the first time we went, so I thought that all the fantastic things were going to be in there. I thought that they’d have some exotic plants to show me. I thought there’d be a huge greenhouse full of bright and beautiful things.

But no. I was totally wrong. There was NOTHING in flower town. NOTHING! When I walked through there, a seminar about irrigation was taking place. You ever want to know how to fix your sprinkler system? Well, you could learn it in flower town! Just pay your $70 for EPCOT entrance and then some more for the seminar. Oh yeah, that seminar must be just the best on your irrigation you’ll ever learn.

I am so glad that I didn’t pay anything extra. Thank goodness for the season pass because I would have thought it was a rip. Don’t go to the flower festival unless you were going to go to EPCOT anyway. There’s no reason to go just for it. Unless you want to pay huge amounts of money to learn about how to take care of your sprinkler system.

Thank goodness I had an annual pass. I would have been way disappointed otherwise.

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Today is my birthday! And since I have to work a whole bunch today, Chris decided to celebrate my birthday over the weekend. One of the many things we did was go to the Behind the Seeds Tour at Epcot. While we were at Disney over the Easter weekend, we had gone onto a ride called The Land. And in that ride, it talks about conservation and living with the land. But also, as part of that ride, it went through a hydroponics greenhouse, as well as a aquaponics. And lo and behold, I discovered that there was a tour of the hydroponics and aquaponics section of the ride. It was, of course, more money. With our annual pass discounts, the tour was only $13 each person.

The greenhouses show a new way of farming. Instead of using huge tracts of land and lots of soil, they are using innovative ways of using hydroponics. They don’t claim to have invented this new way of growing things, but they sure use it a lot. The invention of hydroponics in this vertical way helps people grow food where land and soil is scarce. When you can grow them in huge columns like this, you can feed a lot of people on less than two square feet. There’s easily forty heads of lettuce in this one column and it was a little over six feet tall.

They feed these plants a nutrient solution that they mix themselves. It gets fed through the top and it trickles down to the bottom, where it is siphoned back up to the top again to be reused.

But what really interested me was that some of these plants pretty much grown in air. Here are some brussel sprouts that are grown on a conveyor belt.

When it goes through this unit below,

it sprays a nutrient solution onto the roots.

The same is done with these bean sprouts

And here’s what the roots look like underneath

Not all of them are grown using just hydroponics. Some of them are grown in sand while others are grown in a coconut/perlite/vermiculite mixture. All of these mediums aren’t nutrient rich, but they are capable of growing plants with just the nutrient solution.

They are also growing a lot of plants on these trellis thingies. They were able to break a world record using this technique. They’ve managed to grow the most cherry tomatoes on one single plant. It came out to be 34,000 tomatoes, weighing in at a total of 1,150 pounds. Unfortunately, when I did this tour, they had removed the tomato plant and was growing a new one. They do have lifespans, it seems.

They also cool the greenhouses by dripping water onto these corrugated pieces of cardboard and then blowing air through them.

They had great big walls of this stuff and I admit that the greenhouse was rather cool compared to the outside, but not as cool as the air-conditioned area. They greenhouses are trying to make everything natural and organic. They use other insects to control pests in the greenhouse. Everything grown in the experimental greenhouses are sent to the various restaurants throughout Disney.

They also gave you a little handout on how to begin hydroponics in your own home with a list of links of suppliers. I’m not sure that I’ll start a hydroponics hobby. I don’t have a yard, so hydroponics would definitely be the way to go for me, but with several fish tanks already in tow, I’m not sure I have the time to take care of this other stuff. When I left for five days, all the fishtanks totally grew out of control! But I’ll probably research the idea anyway!

How about you? Do you grow anything?

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After we went to Columbia’s on Easter, we had planned on Going to Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival. However, it was still early afternoon, which meant that it was still quite hot. Not only that, the UV index for the day was max, so we decided to do Hollywood Studios instead.

The great thing about having annual tickets is that you can go to any park at any time.So we went to Hollywood Studios. (Parking is $14, per parking lot, btw. So if you park hop without an annual pass, that’s already $28 minimum! That’s way crazy.)

The first thing Chris did was take a look at the Line Estimation Board. I don’t really know what it’s called, but it’s a list that shows you all the rides and how long the lines are. The line for Toy Story was 130 minutes. We said F That! And went to the Great Movie Ride.

The wait for that was only five minutes. But when they say five minutes, they mean that it takes you five minutes to wind your way through the damned snaking lines.If you don’t have time, you can totally skip this ride. They put you on a slow moving tram with an horrid tram guide and a horrible horrible script.

They send you through various movie sets with robot versions of the actors. They have the same creepiness as Madam Toussaud’s wax museum, except that they move. Or approximate moving. The worst is the Wizard of Oz set. Those munchkins are freaky monsters.

Totally skippable.

We decided to walk back and see how long the Toy Story ride was. Unfortunately, it was still hellaciously long. So we kept on walking. We sometimes treat Disney as a very expensive walk.

As we were arriving at the Lights, Camera, Action! Show, we realized that it would start in a few minutes. So went in and saw a fantastic little car stunt show. It’s a good show, plus, it’s under a shaded roof and has fans! So it’s a good way to get out out of the heat.

After the show, we checked Toy Story again. The line was only 90 minutes. On really really good days, the line is only 45 minutes. Since we had time to spare, we said why not? And the line is inside where there’s air conditioning!

Inside is decorated like the toy story movie. They had Candy Land and Scrabble all ginormous like. They are so big that you feel like toy sized. At one point, you see a giant Mr. Potato Head.

He wasn’t moving, so I thought he was just a statue. But then after a while, it started to move and I thought that it was just going through whatever it was programmed to do. But then it asked a girl in the pink shirt which toy was her favorite. The girl hid behind her mom and Mr. Potato Head said, “Aww, she’s shy!” Well, wouldn’t you know it. There’s actually someone in there looking at you! I think it goes through pre-programmed motions with the ability to have someone take over. I think the little kids enjoy those since they really think Mr. Potato Head is really talking to them.

The line was moving at a pretty brisk pace and at one point, one of the attendants asked us how many people were in my party. I said two, and he pointed to another line that had nobody in it. It was the fast pass line! So we were able to jump ahead of all these big old families and pretty much get to the head of the line. By the time we were on the ride, we’d only been waiting in line all of 40 minutes!

Toy Story is one of my favorite rides, but I always like the rides where you shoot things. I’ve ridden this one before, so I knew how things operated and I was ready. I pulled the little string as fast as I could to launch the little bullets or rings depending on the movie screen. And in the end I got 132,000 points. Chris won, but just barely at 134,000 points! And then the high score for the day was 320,000 points. I was like, wtf? There’s no way! But Chris said that if you were in the game by ourself, you could easily get that because he said that there were a few things that he was shooting at, but I had just got there first. If we didn’t have to share the screen, we’d be able to reach those high scores. It could possibly be true. But damn, 320,000 is a lot of points!

By the time we were done with Toy Story, it was already 5:45. Can you believe it? We showed up at the park at 1:30! 3 rides/shows and the afternoon was gone. No wonder people rush their kids through the park. It cost them a fortune for the day, they better see everything. But since we didn’t have to see everything, we left the park to eat dinner at Chevy’s. It’s only fifteen minutes from Hollywood studios AND 1/10 the price.

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I was cleaning out the photos on my iPhone when I came across a couple of them that I took, but never posted. One of them was way back in December when Chris and I went to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. For Christmas, Disney puts lights on Cinderella’s castle, but it doesn’t light up until after 6. There’s a whole skit involving Mickey and Minnie, the fairy godmother, Cinderella and the mute Prince Charming. His only role was to escort Cinderella. Poor guy didn’t even have any lines, not that being mute mattered since they were all just moving their lips to the script anyway.

The lights on the castle are painted the exact same shade as the colors of the castle. This is so that you couldn’t see it during the day. From far away, you couldn’t see that there was a huge net covering the castle.

At night, when the lights are turned on, the castle looks quite spectacular.

The script is hokey, but I thought it was cute. You don’t really need to be really close unless you want to see the characters. You can hear them just fine, and they really don’t do much except nod their heads. So anywhere you have a clear view of the castle will be good. If you’re there, you might as well watch the lights. But it’s not something worth paying $65 to actually see.

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I should really start a series called Animal Butts. They love to show me their butts when I show up. Even when it’s on the safari ride at Disney and I only have a few seconds to snatch some photos. It’s all about butts.

Rhino butt. Deer Butt

Elephant Butt.

It never fails. I will get at least three animal butt shots. But if I wait long enough, I know they’ll turn around…


And you get shots like this.

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Hat Time!!

Nov. 10th, 2009 12:01 am
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I do not know how time got away from me today. So I am just going to do a quick post. Here are a few people at Disney wearing unusual hats.

I don’t know where they got these hats. I didn’t see them at Disney, so they must have brought them from elsewhere. They are unique to say the least!

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Halloween sort of snuck up on me this year. I mean, I knew it was coming, but I really didn’t do anything about it until the day before when there was a bit of a scramble to get candy and a costume.

We had decided to go to Disney for the day and I figured that there would be a lot of people wearing costumes. So I wanted o be a bee. I figured that I could just get wings and a headband. So we went to the Halloween Spirit store and realized all the women’s costumes were totally trashy.

Chris commented that all the men’s costumes were stupid. (he doesn’t dress up at all.). I said I could dress up as a bee and he could be a bee keeper. He said no. But all the costumes required that my ass hang out.

At the Party Store, I found a lady bug outfit that was just wings and a headband. And it was totally cheap at $10. So I did that and I wore a red shirt, albeit not the same shade as the wings.

What I discovered about the wings is that they are no good in crowds. People bump into them because they can. People were just bumping right into me too, but I think that had more to do with them being drunk.

But searching for a costume turned out not to be a big deal. We only saw about four people dressed up at the theme parks. Everyone else came as overheated tourists.

Here’s E and me with the white cat at France. I don’t remember what movie she’s in and nobody else did either. She didn’t have anybody wanting to take a photo with her.

Until tomorrow!

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This is Mickey Thomas. The band is officially called Starship featuring Mickey Thomas

When the members of Starship got onstage, the crowd just absolutely went crazy. I thought that I was at a Hannah Montana concert, except that the audience was five times older.

If you asked them if it was a great concert, they would tell you it was the best thing ever. I’m sure that I would have agreed had I had six glasses of wine. It is called the Food and Wine Festival after all.

We were sitting in the second row. There was a man sitting with his family in front of us. He was about fifty or so. His kids were about ten. His wife was there with another woman that could have been a friend or a sister.

When Mickey Thomas shook his hand during the middle of the song, this man turned to his wife and friend and received a fist pound from both of them.

Seriously?! When did this become acceptable for middle aged white parents?

I wasn’t as similarly impressed, however. The lead singer was downright lethargic. I expected him to entertain me, but he just loped around on stage like he didn’t even want to be there. He sang the songs as though he had to and that he’d much rather be singing his own songs.

And when he did sing his solo song, nobody knew it. Even his drunken superfans weren’t on their feet dancing and singing along. They like Starship and it’s various incarnations. They weren’t interested in Mickey Thomas.

As an aside, the band’s name is now officially “Starship starring Mickey Thomas”.

They sang “We Built This City” and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” like they’d smoked a huge stash of the stink weed. And though the female singer was good, nothing tops the original singer for “White Rabbit”. I felt like I was listening to a cover band.

E was severly disappointed because she wanted to hear one song. And instead of that one song, they sang some song from Mickey Thomas’ solo album. You knew nobody cared for it because it was not only deathly quiet and the superfans were chugging their wines.

The audience was much more entertaining than the band, including the white guy who couldn’t dance.

I’d say save your money, so not worth the gas to get there.

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Seriously, she should have known better.

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I took this with my point and shoot. Who says a DSLR is needed for good photos? Patience is KEY! Too bad microphone stand was in my way. Would have been a perfect picture otherwise!

On September 29th, E was on a mission. Way back in 1987, she was denied the opportunity to see Richard Marx. A series of unfortunate events occurred and her then thirteen year old self was not allow to attend his concert.

Twenty-two years later, she was going to right that wrong. Richard Marx was playing at the Epcot “Eat to the Beat”, a free concert series that happens during the Food and Wine Festival. She was determined to go. It didn’t matter if she had to stand in a long line, it didn’t matter that it was crowded. It didn’t matter if anyone was going with her. She was on a mission and nothing would deter her from it!

Since I had a season ticket, I said I’d go. I didn’t really know who he was. I was eleven back in 1987. I can’t really remember what I was into. Fifth grade was so long ago! And I don’t really remember the 80’s. I don’t know what’s up with that.

So we went and we managed to catch the last showing at 7:45 p.m. We got in line early, pretty much right after the first show ended at 6:45. And by the time the show started, it was packed. Absolutely packed.

He sang one new song at the beginning and then continued to play all his hits. E knew all of them, sang along. Women who sat behind us screamed that they loved him. After all these years, he still had devoted fans. And when he asked the audience to sing along, the whole crowd new all the words (except for me, but I did recognize some of the songs.)

And E finally got to see Richard Marx sing.

More photos at smugmug.

Eat to the Beat performers for 2009

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While we were there, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy was playing. I didn’t really remember any of their songs, but I remembered their name. I thought they sang Zoot Suit Riot, but that’s a different band. Voodoo Daddy was talented, but I didn’t envy them. They wore their suits in the 95 degree heat and under the heat of stage lights. I was hot just looking at them.

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Red Hood

Oct. 2nd, 2009 02:24 am
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We saw this in the Japanese showcase at Epcot….


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E found this hat in one of the stores at Epcot. We wondered who would be stupid enough to buy it.

Disney sells a lot of different hats. Mickey ears and Minnie tiaras are the most popular. And we’d seen some Jack Skellington hats, mostly on gothy teens. But we hadn’t seen anyone with this one on. I mean, how stupid is this hat? What’s the purpose of it except to look silly?

And then we saw him at the Mexico showcase. I can’t believe he paid good money for that.

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On Saturday, we went to the food and wine festival at Epcot. It’s going on now until the first weekend of November. We had gone two years ago (there was a scheduling problem with the family last year). Now that I have a season pass (and so does Chris now), there’s no reason for us not to go this year.

The first thing I noticed was that the food was much more e pensive. Things were about $3 before. Everything was about $5 (alcohol cost $7). If you go to the park hungry, you can easily spend the cost of the ticket on food.

E was smart and had eaten before she came. So she only ate the things that she knew were good.

Unfortunately, they had changed some of the menus. China had something called churumqi. I would skip that. It was salty and flavorless. The lava cake (can’t remember what country had it) was the size of that teeny tiny little Reese’s peanut butter cup that you give out during Halloween (but yummy). Pizza from Italy sucked big time.

Tenderloin from Australia was good. The beef skewer and empanadas from Mexico was delicious. And I always love the weiner schnitzel in a pretzel bun from Germany. Ireland had a lovely cheese spread that I would recommend.

For dessert, ginger ice cream from China was good. And of course, the lava cake from countries unknown.

I was disappointed with the options at Greece, India, and Japan. They were things you could get anywhere. And the Marrekesh stand just didn’t look appetizing.

All in all, it was a fun afternoon. We went at about 4pm trying to escape the heat, but it was still pretty hot.

And on our way out, it stormed and we tried to wait it out, but it wasn’t stopping. So we just waited til it was light enough sloshed through the rain.

When we got into the car, I felt like I was wearing a big diaper. Next time, I need to pack some ponchos!

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Army Men

Sep. 29th, 2009 11:00 am
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Don’t you love how I can stretch out a day’s worth of activities into a week’s worth of entries?

Disney had a couple of green army men marching around a couple of kids. I wondered how they could work in this heat and them I realized that their suit was mesh, but underneath wasn’t flesh colored. Their faces were painted green an so were their hands. But their heads were covered in fabric. I wondered if they were wearing full body suits or of they painted their legs too.

I would have asked them, but Chris would have said it was inappropriate. Apparently, you can’t ask people what they wear underneath their clothes.

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After lunch, we decided to do the Tower of Terror. It’s a ride that takes you up several stories, then drops you an undefined number of stories and does it over again. The ride used to do one drop, but people felt that it was really boring, so they remade it to do the drop several times before you’re done.

I put the seatbelt on, but not tight enough because my butt lifted up from the seat about three inches. I was totally freaked that first drop thinking that I’d fly off the chair.

When we were done, I thought I was going to hurl. Don’t do that ride right after a meal. It jiggles everything inside.

I needed a break before doing the rockin roller coaster. We did that by meeting up with friends and doing the Toy Story ride.

The Rockin Roller coaster is a ride based with Aerosmith music. The premise is that you’re in a limo on your way to a concert. The ride is indoors and in the dark!

When you’re on this ride, make sure to keep your head pressed up against the headrest. That first drop is fast and steep and really the only frightening part of the ride.

I did not see that first drop coming and I screamed like a little girl. A teeny tiny little girl. I was embarrassed.

E laughed at all the photos of me. I wasn’t willing to pay $20 for them, so here is a my re-enactment for your pleasure.

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Chris remembered that this ride used to be a lot of fun. It was later in the day, so I decided to share a ride with Chris. He was supposed to drive. He ended up being too big. I barely fit and I’m five foot four. I think this ride wasn’t made for adults.

When Chris got in, his knees were pretty much up to his chest. My knees were next to the steering wheel, but I was determined because we had stood in line and I squished myself in.

Pedal to the metal, I drove around the track, the little car chugging away angry that there were two adults in the car. It made furious noises as we turned the corner complaining the whole time about the weight. It refused to drive straight. But I did not relent. I kept the pedal down. This little race car was not going to win this fight!

Chris looked behind us and declared that E was catching up to us and I said, “Oh no!” and we pretended to be driving faster in our getaway vehicle even though that thing moved slower than I could walk.

The little car sputtered as we reached the end and I raised my hands in victory! It sighed with relief as we exited the vehicle, the weight of two full grown adults no longer in its seats. And I think it smiled a little when it saw its next guests were a small child and his mom. And I said to it, “Until we meet again!” Knowing full well that I would not be going on that ride again. And I think it cursed me under its breath.

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