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  1. What is your favorite vegetable?
    For a while, I craved beets. I didn’t want it on top of salad or anything like that. I wanted straight up beets. I think there was something in there that my body needed. I ate beets straight out of a can. They were seriously yummy. I had to keep myself from eating the whole can. And what invariably happens is that I’m all beeted out. I don’t even want to look at them.

    I think my favorite vegetable might be string beans though. But that could be because most of the time it’s covered in bacon fat. Who wouldn’t like that?
  2. What is your favorite salad dressing, sauce, gravy, or condiment?
    My favorite salad dressing is thousand island. I grew up with it as the only salad dressing in existence. My mom made it from scratch. Now I don’t know how a Chinese woman found out how to make thousand island dressing, but I’m not arguing. I always ask for it at restaurants, but it is apparently not a common dressing. I always end up with some sort of vinaigrette. Or a Caesar salad.

    I also love ketchup. Burgers and fries are always drenched in them. And of course, who doesn’t love a good brown gravy?

  3. What is your favorite culture’s food (American, Chinese, Creole, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Soul Food, Southern U.S., etc.)?
    Mow this is an unfair question. It’s like asking who your favorite child is. You can’t pick one! I like all kinds of food, though I think I have a particular affinity for those with a rice culture. I like Spanish rice, yellow rice, basmati rice, jasmine rice. I can’t get enough of rice. But there is one thing that I love that doesn’t involve rice and that’s chicken fried steak…At Cracker Barrel. No, I don’t have champagne tastes.
  4. What is your favorite beverage?
    Arnold Palmer, of course. It’s half tea, half lemonade and oh so yummy. When I was in St. Thomas with a few friends, I ordered that and the waiter asked me if I wanted a water hazard with that. I didn’t know what it was. Apparently, when Arnold Palmer feels the need, he asks for one along with that drink. It is a shot of either vodka or gin, I can’t remember. I said, why not? I didn’t mix it in my drink, however. I just downed the shot.
  5. What is your favorite food?
    Here we go again, asking about our favorite child. How can anyone limit this to one thing? But I’ll tell you what. I do enjoy a good mint chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins, a taco fresco style from Taco Bell, a sirloin from Outback. A six ounce Outback Special will only cost you $9.99 (unless you’re in Long Beach. Then it will cost you $13!). You also get two sides. I get a Caesar salad (which has a nice spicy kick to it), and a baked potato dry. It’s more than enough food for me.

    Oh, you know what I do really love that I don’t get much here?

    Chicken feet. I do love me some chicken feet. *sigh* Unfortunately, there are no good dim sum places in Florida. And baked pork buns. And a nice beef noodle soup….

    I need an Asian Invasion over here in Orlando. Someone open up a dim sum restaurant near me!

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I know it’s not Friday, but when do I ever do these on Friday?

1. Would you return to high school life for a week? Why or why not? (If you’re currently in high school, would you redo your experiences so far?)
This serious of questions is coming at an appropriate time since I just had a nightmare about being back in high school. I didn’t know when and where my classes were and I’d lost my schedule. Would I go back? No way.

2. Who were/are you in high school?
I was awkward and had no fashion. My friends were fairly popular on that two were our prom princesses, neither of them won. I can’t remember who did though. On facebook, you can search for people who graduated from your high school class, I totally don’t remember a good 80% of them.

Who was I? It was the geeky kid.

3. What was/is your favorite high school hangout? What did/do you do there?
This, I seriously don’t remember. I mean that was like 14 years ago! I do remember in my senior year, we would go over to my friend’s house for lunch. She lived a block away and we would watch General Hospital.

4. What were/are your favorite three songs in high school?
Hmmm…I don’t remember anything about the music I listened to back then. It’s funny the things I remember. I do remember that the chorus geeks loved Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera. We would sing the songs all
the time. And the worse part was that I was also in band.

5. What was the craziest thing you did in high school?
This is so sad. I didn’t do anything interesting in high school. While my friends went out to clubs and evening dinners, I wasn’t allowed to go out at night. I spent my evenings at home. I was lucky I was able to go to my prom! But I do remember that I wore a qi pap to my junior prom and a southern belle dress for my senior prom. I was only outdone by the couple wearing the full renaissance outfit.

I can’t imagine why anyone would want to go back to high school, bad hair, bad skin, bad clothes. Bullies! And we had our share of those. College though, that’s a more promising prospect, even if I did have to work my way through it. At least college was fun.

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I remember back in the day I used to do these and since I don't have much to talk about, let's do these. At least this one is fun.

How many times a day do you...

  1. Brush your teeth?
    I brush my teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. If I don't brush my teeth in the evening, I have a difficult time falling asleep. I just feel icky. This is a nicely timed question because we just bought a sonic care toothbrush (that we bought with a Target gift card from the bridal shower). The Oral B electric toothbrush that we had just up and died. There's no charging it and it totally doesn't run. The sonic care vibrates the crap out of your teeth and it totally tickles the inside of my mouth.
  2. Shower?
    I shower in the morning. On especially hot days, I'll shower before I go to bed. There's nothing worse than going to bed with a couple of layers of dried sweat and dirt.
  3. Check your E-mail?
    It depends on the day. On really busy days, I'll only check it once in the morning. On lazy days, I'll probably check 3 or 4 times during the day. (This is not including work email. I'm only considering personal email here. For work email, the program is open the whole time. It'll let me know when new email has shown up.)
  4. Check LJ?
    I usually check LJ once a day, twice on non-busy days (which are rare these days). Some days, I don't even check LJ. I just don't have time, so I end up several days behind. I skim a lot of stuff at that point.
  5. Eat?
    I eat 3 times a day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some days I will have snacks, but I'm not much of a snacker. I have a bag of sour patch kids next to my desk, but I usually eat one or two of those at a time. A small bag lasts me about 2 weeks. Some days though, Chris will bring me a sandwich for lunch since I need to get some work done. If he didn't do that, I'd probably starve and eat something at 3 instead of noon when I'm supposed to.

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