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Over the weekend, Chris and I went to see the Golden Compass, which I enjoyed, and Chris enjoyed making fun of. But he could see why children would like this movie and thus the novels. But I can see what most people were saying about its faults, one of which was how the heroine teetered between very clever and very stupid.

I'm hoping it makes enough money to try a sequel. I like seeing steampunk movies, however rare they may be. Or would we call this movie dustpunk?

The funny thing about watching this movie was that I kept wondering when oneo of the little boys would capture a fairy and ransom it for something. That never happened in the movie, of course, and for good reason. When I returned home, I went into the place where books sleep and found that the book I was thinking of wasn't the Golden Compass at all. It was Artemis Fowl. I'd mixed up my children's books. None of that surprised me though. I've been having Chris repeat things to me three seconds after he's told me, and again three seconds after he's told me again.

I'm having a difficult time retaining information. I blame it on lack of sleep because anything else would be quite frightening. I asked Chris if I remembered things better before I started working at my new job, because I've been feeling very tired since I started working.

He said no. I was never a good listener.

He said some other things too. But I don't know what it was. I'd already stopped listening.

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