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Today is Chris’ birthday. He is 1 million years old. No. Really. He looks good for his age.

I took him to Animal Kingdom where he remarked about how he missed the dinosaurs. How he used to see them on the plains of Pangea. Luckily, there was Dinoland where he could see the replicas.

And for dinner, we went to Columbia’s, where we got the Brazo Gitano (pronounced with and H for the G). They light it on fire, which is how you get that lovely char on the meringue.

By the time we were all done, he said he was pooped. And so was I, even though I wasn’t as old as him. Actually, I’m older than him.

But we’re home now wearing our PJs and watching Stargate Universe, which Chris is enjoying. Until tomorrow!!

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Today is Chris’ birthday! His family sent him a care package that included a couple of books and a shirt. As I’ve said, I’ve already given him a present, but I wanted to get him one more thing. The thing is that he won’t let me. He’s concerned with present inflation. If I spend X amount of money this year, then I will spend X + Y amount next year. I told him I can buy whatever I want!

But there isn’t anything else he wants. There aren’t any books that he’s interested in and we’ve already picked up all the games that he wants. He says I can treat him to a yogurt, but that’s not a good gift. That’s more like something you do on your birthday.

What do you guys think? Get something little? Or settle for yogurt?

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As I’ve already mentioned before, Chris’s birthday is the 20th, which is tomorrow.  Last week, we went to Best Buy and I got him Far Cry 2 (I almost bought Fallout 3, but he’d already had that game).  So after I bought it, I gave him the bag.   (Yes, I know, I should have waited, but where am I going to hide a birthday present?  I mean, really.  We live in the same house and we both work from home.)

So I gave him the bag and he called it the Birthday Bag.  Anything that’s in there is his.  At least, that’s what he’s decided.  So he has told me that he’s put little pieces of paper in there written with stuff like “1 kiss from Ling” and “1 hug from Ling”.  I haven’t looked in that Birthday Bag since I gave it to him, but I have a feeling it’s brimming with little notes.  I’m going to put in a note too.  Something like “1 New Purse for Ling”.

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So Chris’ birthday is the 20th, so we had a couple of friends together at Louis and Maria’s, which is an Italian restaurant close to us. They were the restaurant that made our wedding cake, which was very nice at the wedding and still very nice today. I have to say, it was delicious! It’s late and I’m sleepy, so this will be a short post. I know, I feel like I’m cheating too. I’ll write longer journal entry tomorrow.

And also, don’t cover the flash when you’re taking a self portrait. It’ll end up looking like the one below, which I did a couple of weeks ago with the new camera. Have a good night!

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Several weeks ago, when we were at Triple J's house, Chris had found JJ's "to do" list. It consisted of various chores and errands that he needed to run. But when he was not looking, Chris got a pencil and wrote at the top of the page "Make Cookies For Chris". I believe he might have also written down "Make Brownies for Chris", but since it was almost a month ago that he did this, I can't remember. I do remember that he made it a Number One Priority.

When we had dinner with Triple J last week, they'd given Chris his b-day present. It was a book that Chris was looking forward to, a media tie-in for Warhammer. But to our surprise, when they showed up for dinner, they'd also brought more gifts. Not only did they make brownies, but chocolate chip cookies too. And I think Chris enjoyed that more than the book present. Anyone can spend money and buy something, but I think time and effort is so much more valuable especially since so many of us have so little of it to spare. All in all, Chris enjoyed having people out to dinner to chat and spend time. We ate cake and played Guitar Hero. And stayed up way later on a Tuesday than allowable. Time gets away from you when you're having fun. But alas, we were all too responsible to stay up any later, so we all retured at the grand old time of 11:00pm. (Well at least Chris and I did. Triple J had to drive another

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Chris asked me yesterday how this NaBlo thing was going and I said it was excruciating. I try to make these journal entries interesting, but I'm not sure that I'm succeeding in every entry that I write. But then, at least I'm trying right?

Chris' family calls him three times a week. Ok, maybe it's not three times a week, but it feels like it. They talk to him a lot. If it's not the Mom, it's the Dad. And if it's not either, it's the Baby Sister, who is in college. (She's ten years younger.) But whenever Chris calls the parents and has to leave a message on their voicemail, he always says "This is Chris H, your son." As though providing the last name hasn't helped them remember that they are related, he adds the second part like they're going to forget they had a son.

I very highly doubt that they'd forget him since they come visit once a month. The older sister calls him the Golden Child. But the Golden Child was a bald little asian girl last I remembered and she was walking off into the sunset with Eddie Murphy. I wonder whatever happened to her and would she approve of the Scary Spice Murphy Baby?

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